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Welcome, Public. This is Bpindel. I am a leader of The Plague of Rage of Bahamut (ROB). We work hard and we work together and that is why we are a great order. If you want to be a part of this exponentially increasing, top tier order, talk to me, FEwe1, Ssavalkyrie, or Xerxers727wtf. FEwe1 is the Order Leard so he has final say. We will never stop until we are the best! We would like you to be a part of this growing order, but you need to be active, willing to be on a chat room, hard working and have 80k/80k base deck and the ability to attack at least 3 time with that deck. HW- #3 we ranked 1128, decent for a little order. HW- #4 we ranked 640, much better than #3. HW- #5 we ranked 219, that was great for an order of only 25 members. HW- #7 we ranked 194, pretty great! Could have done better!
Plague Recruitment
Looking for friendly and social membersRequired 80k/80k Base 3atks/hp
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